About Reuse.sg

Reuse.sg website allows you to give away items that you no longer need, to other persons who need them. For one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Your act of giving helps to conserve our Earth’s finite resources, and slow down global warming.

Thank you for reusing!


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How Does this Website Work?

For all users, please read our website’s Terms of Use before giving or receiving items.

A “Giver” is someone who would like to give an item away.
A “Receiver” is someone who would like to receive an item.


For Givers

1) Post an item you wish to give away FREE, at “Post Item” page. Preview post and click “Submit”. You may modify your posting anytime, if you’ve ticked the box at the top of the form to create an account during your posting.

2) Share your post with your friends and family, via any of the social media icons on your post page. They may be keen in having your item.

3) Check your email to see the persons interested in reusing your item.

4) Select a Receiver who you would like to give the item to. Arrange to meet up with him/her at a public place, and give away your item.

5) After the item is given away, please return to your post, and delete it. If not, you shall continue to receive email enquiries about it.


For Receivers

1) Please visit the main page at reuse.sg to see what items are listed to be given away. Or, you can use the “Search” box to search for items that you need. If you can’t find the item you need, you can post about it, at “Post Item” page. Under “Category“, please tick the selection “Wanted Items“.

2) If you’ve located the item that you need, please click the post to view the details, including collection location.

3) Contact the Giver via the same page’s contact form. Your message will reach the Giver’s email box. Please wait for the Giver to contact you. If the Giver doesn’t contact you, it means that he/she has already found someone to give the item to. Please do not spam by re-sending your request.

4) If the Giver contacts you to arrange for a meet-up to give you the item, please accommodate to the Giver’s schedule, and turn up punctually. If you are unable to make it for the meet-up or are going to be late, please inform the Giver in advance.

5) Please note that the item is to be given away FREE. Please do not pay anything to obtain the item. Exceptions are postage fee (stamps on self-addressed envelope) or getting a mover to transport a bulky item. These will be borne by the Receiver.

6) Enjoy reusing the item. Please try and give back to the community by giving an item to another person via reuse.sg.


Thank you, Givers and Receivers, for your effort in reusing and saving our Earth! 🙂